Where to stay... choosing your "Home base"


Finding the perfect "home base" for your holiday can be challenging.

Luckily, Gran Canaria is a small island and it's easy to get around by rental car or public transport. However, choosing the right destination can make a big difference on your overall experience.

Some points to consider:

  • Distance to beach, infrastructure, activities etc.
    We recommend staying in walking distance from the beach and the town centers. Parking near the beach/center can be frustrating and expensive, specially during weekends and holidays. Also, nobody wants to be the designated driver on their holiday, and taxis can be a long wait during high season.
  • Who is travelling.
    Some more secluded or quiet places can be a great option for couples, while staying close to where the activities are can be important when traveling with children.
  • The climate
    Gran Canaria is made up of 14 micro-climate-zones. Most of the tourism hotspots are in the warm south-east, however in some areas there is more rain (Las Palmas, North-West) or it can get pretty windy (San Augustin).
  • Activities you enjoy
    A week at the beach with a good book or a new experience every day; make the most out of your holidays by staying close to the activities you enjoy most.
  • Socialising
    If you like to meet other people during your holiday, it will be easier in the bigger busier hotspots (such as Puerto Rico, Maspalomas/Playa del Ingles) than in the more quiet areas. 

To guide you in your decision, you can check out this overview of the main holiday areas on the island. We will give you a short descritpion and a more in depth description of the main holiday hot spots that we recommend you stay at.

Puerto Rico

We consider Puerto Rico to be the winner in the "All around" category. Over 300 days of sunshine a year, the white sand beach, the port where you can find all kinds of water activities from watersports and dolphine watching to party trips, the shopping centers with its wide array of shops, bars and restaurants and the proximity to many more destinations and activities makes for a perfect home base for your Gran Canaria holidays.

We recommend Puerto Rico primarly for couples with children and older folks. While there is plenty of bars and restaurants,singles and younger couples might prefer Maspalomas/Playa del Ingles for a wider selection of discos and nightclubs.

The caveat:
Staying too close to the central shopping center is not optimal for people who are noise sensitive, since it can get quite loud at nighttime.


Playa de Amadores

This beautiful beach called Amadores - "Lovers Beach" - is very popular because of its white sand and turqoise water. Its semi-closed off so that there are no big waves which also makes it a good option for children. While we think its definetly worth visiting, there are almost no accomodations in walking distance, and if you stay at accomodation in Amadores, you basically need a car for everything. We recommend staying close to the center in Puerto Rico and visit Amadores either by the coastal walkway (about 30min from Puerto Rico beach) or by car/bus.

Maspalomas/Playa del Ingles

We recommend this area for singles and younger couples, but there is something here for everyone. The stunning dunes with view upon the ocean, the walkway to the lighthouse (the southernmost point in the EU) with its cafes, shops and restaurants, miles and miles of white sand beach,the buzzing nightlife and the wide range of LGBTQ friendly bars and activities makes this area perfect for aforementioned demographics. Also from here its not far to some of the most popular activities and excursions on the island (Palmitos Park, hiking and (motor-) trails, Crocodile Park, AquaPark...).

The Caveat:
The area is very spacious, depending on where you are staying, the nearest beach/supermarket/restaurants etc could be a long walk away.


San Augustin

San Augustin is close to Playa de Ingles with a coastal walkway combining the cities. The beach is smaller and not quite as spectacular as Maspalomas or Playa del Ingles, however for people who want to escape the crazyness and are looking for peace and quiet, it is the better option. The waves are moderate, and there are a few restaurants and bars along the walkway. Its also a good place to stay if you are a windsurfer or a golfer.

Puerto de Mogan

This pittoresque fishing village is a must see when on the island, and many people have fallen in love with it - the beautiful, buganville overgrown bungalows, the port with its many restaurants, the small beach with it view upon the lighthouse and the old town with its original white painted buildings; it is probably the most original canarian village along the coast.
While you can enjoy longer evenings out, this is not an option for people seeking nightlife and dancing. For children, there is also not that much to do. We recommend this option mainly for couples seeking a romantic getaway or if you like to take daytrips into the mountains and/or go hiking, as it makes a great starting point for trips to the island center.
For everybody else, a day trip here by car/bus/ferry will probably suffice.