Property Management

Why Choose Canary Coast Rentals?

We are not like any other property management service. Our aim is to partner with select property owners that align with our philosophy of providing more than just four walls and a bed. We provide a full-service management of high quality vacation homes.

Because we have local real estate and property management experience, we know what it takes to improve the visibility of your home and increase and maximize occupancy and income.We take care of everything, from routine maintenance to unique guest requests, providing a simplified, full-service experience that gives you peace of mind and added income.

We exist to create dream vacation experiences while maintaining beautiful properties, and do this through our emphasis on detailed personal service and property care.

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What we do

  • Professional staff and 24/7 emergency contact
  • Continous attention to the maintenance and operation of the property
  • Focus on maximising occupancy and annual rental revenues, while protecting your property (and your neighbors rights)
  • Prompt response to your calls and emails
  • Immediate follow up on rental inquiries
  • Attention to detail in every aspect of your home
  • Complete cleaning and maintenance services
  • Renovation and refurbishment services


In order to provide a high-end experience to our guests, its important that we are aligned in our mission to do so. We believe that long-term sucess relies on:

  • the right location
  • an apropiate investment into style and ammenities
  • meeting all legal requirements
  • motivated and fairly compensated staff
  • providing value that other vacation homes lack

Some rentals are ready and require no further investments. If you have just purchased a property, chances are that it will require a bit of work to make it ready. Creating a uniquely styled property that sticks out from thousands of rentals, getting all legal requirements in check (such as licenses, insurances and meeting safety regulations) and marketing the property - we got you covered.